Why Families Love Online Reading Tutor

“Thanks to Online Reading Tutor my daughters Ann and Lily improved immensely on their STAR™ reading test at school. Ann took her STAR™ reader assessment at the beginning of her 5th grade September 2015 scoring 3.7 and in May 2016, after 93 hours of training with ORT, her assessment score was 5.2. Lily took her STAR™ reader assessment at the beginning of 3rd grade September 2015 assessment scoring 2.8 and in May of 2016, after 57 hours of lessons, her assessment score was 4.8.  Both girls’ teachers were so excited on the improvement and complimented the program.  Thank you again for helping our family.  I now have our son, who we suspect is also dyslexic, enrolled with Online Reading Tutor.” ~Rebecca Hammon, Idaho

“I just wanted to say thanks for helping my daughter learn to read better. Best money I’ve spent. She took her  STAR™ reading test at school in September 2015 and her reading level was a 3.1. She took another STAR™ reader assessment on January 20th 2016 and she tested at a 5.4 reading level. I attached her test records for you to see if you’d like. Feel free to use it as you’d like. Please just remove her last name if you use it for the public. Thanks. She has now read 2 books at 5th grade reading level that were worth 3 AR reading points and she aced the comprehension test on both. I have given your website to a friend. Her daughter’s name is Ella. She goes to school with Alexa.  Alexa’s teacher was also very interested. I gave her the info too. Before Online Reading Tutor, our daughter would cry every night when she tried to read. Now, she reads for pleasure.” ~ Danielle Nacey, Minnesota
After our daughter had a diagnosis for dyslexia, we were desperate for help. Another parent referred us to Online Reading Tutor. Although she has not completed her training, after three months we have seen a change in her personality. She now believes in herself and realizes she is smart, but learns differently than most kids. Online Reading Tutor has been a life saver for us. It has made a remarkable difference and has helped our daughter immensely.” ~ Jennifer Bonnett, Pennsylvania

Thank you Online Reading Tutor and Millie Hull for helping our daughter achieve more in 8 months, than in two years attending a private school for dyslexics.  Though the private school she attended was excellent, once we discovered Online Reading Tutor, and our daughter began training at her own pace, we saw a marked improvement.  The ability to do the lessons on your own schedule, at home or on the road, made the program perfect for our busy lifestyle.  Having our own coach was such an encouragement as well, not only to our daughter but to us.  This method of training was more comfortable, private, and much more successful than classroom training.  Frustration was more easily dealt with.  She could move along and get instant gratification when mastering certain sections, or she could slow down and temporarily walk away from more frustrating sessions without the pressure innate in a classroom setting.  We are so glad that we discovered this program and are more than happy to recommend it to anyone who is considering options for improving reading skills! ~ Mischa Blackwell, Mississippi

My daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia a few years ago. When we found out we made the decision to homeschool her.  I had my daughter take the Online Reading Tutor Dyslexia Reading Test App to get a detailed analysis of her decoding skills. The App showed severe decoding errors with both auditory ( bi, bo, bu) and visual ( zi / iz, buj / jub)  mistakes. We started the program and I’m not going to lie. The lessons are challenging and she struggles sometimes and gets frustrated. But no matter what, she pushes through her lessons. She went to a store a few days ago and bought herself a Dr. Seuss book to read all by herself. She also is writing her very first story. Reading is something I thought I would never see her do. Or even want to do. We are not quite done with our journey with Online Reading Tutor, but watching her reading improve day after day is something that is a very rewarding experience for both of us. As a mom who loves to read, it means the world to me to see my daughter who once hated every thing in regards to reading and now is very interested in it. I couldn’t be any happier than I am right now.  I would recommend Online Reading Tutor to anyone who wants to give their child the love of reading.  ~ Dalana Cormier, Massachusetts

“A heartfelt thank you to Online Reading Tutor and all the team’s support with our granddaughter’s reading. Seeing her struggle with reading we had our granddaughter tested outside of our states school system. Diagnosed in ‘delayed reading’ and ‘dyslexia’ while in sixth grade with a second grade reading level we were searching for some help and found OnlineReadingTutor.com. The program took ten months for her to get through the set of on-line lessons. The results are amazing, we find her reading on her own, likes it and has read more than twenty books for pleasure since finishing the program. Finishing seventh grade with A’s and B’s, thanks to Online Reading Tutor, her reading level is now at grade level going into eighth grade.” ~ Jim Lee, Texas

“My son has been a struggling reader, writer, and speller since first grade. He is just finishing seventh grade. We found Online Reading Tutor in November 2015. My son has been working steadily in the program since then. In an educational meeting at school a week ago, all of his teachers and program specialists remarked at how well he has been doing, especially since the new year. His English teacher said, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but whatever it is, keep doing it! The difference between the first half of the school year and the second half of the school year is very obvious!” My son still has work to do, but I have never seen him be able to produce consistent work as he has been doing in the last two months. He says that reading is getting easier for him, and I can see that it is. I am beginning to breathe more easily and have great hope for his success! Thank you, Bob, Stephanie, and Online Reading Tutor!” ~ Kendall  McPeak, Pennsylvania

“Our daughter had such a severe reading disability (dyslexia) that she repeated grade 1.  Now in grade 6 she has just completed 34 hours of on-task lessons with Online Reading Tutor.  Although there is no “magic pill” for overcoming dyslexia, this program has helped her conquer the frustration and inadequacies she once felt. The program has given her tools to accomplish her reading goals!  Not only was Online Reading Tutor very effective, but we loved the convenience of doing the lessons in our home.”  ~ Christy Ray, South Carolina

We are thrilled we found The Online Reading Tutor. This program has helped our daughter so much.  She has made as much if not more progress in 6 months than with 3 years of 1:1 private tutoring. She is reading at grade level for the first time. She actually enjoys reading now! ”  ~ Charlotte Phillips, Mississippi

“Although our son is very smart in many ways, he was non-reader in grade 3.  We had tried other tutors but nothing worked until we started Online Reading Tutor. Although our son is only part way through his lessons, we have seen a big improvement already.” ~ David Cranfill, Texas
I think that we have accomplished our mission. Mya is reading very well in class and at home with us.  She has made huge improvements from when we started and I would have to say that her experience with Online Reading Tutor and your help has been a huge success.  If we can be a testimonial for you guys, please let us know where and how.  Again, we can’t thank you enough for having this program available. I can only imagine how things would have been different for me if I would have had this type of training growing up.  Again thank you for being Mya’s tutor and all the work you did to help her succeed.” ~ Jodie & Scott Seek, Missouri

Our thirteen year old daughter has, for the first time in her life, just read a novel for enjoyment. We are so grateful to Online Reading Tutor” ~ Lani Weinell, Arizona

“Hello Mrs. Stephanie! Yes everything is going fine with the stories. Also I just wanted to add that Amir is reading very well! I noticed it last week when we were doing science class. He has been taking more time to really try and pronounce big words. I am so excited I almost cried!!! Thank you thank you so much! I know we have more to go but this is such a great improvement!” ~ Shannah  Mohammad, Alabama

After completing your online program in the summer, our son has soared academically! We went from tears every night to high honours on every report card. He is confident in his approach to his academics now. We are so grateful for Online Reading Tutor as it changed his life. He is entering the 10th grade and has not only met, but also exceeded the level of achievement of many of his classmates in the private school he attends. We are going to have our other son, who we think is also dyslexic, complete the Online Reading Tutor program.”  ~Kirsten Jaworski, Pennsylvania

“I just wanted to tell you thank you for all your work this summer. Dade has moved up two levels since the start of the school year and finally enjoying reading. I know it’s credited to the program and the help you provided. Thanks again!” ~ Kim Monkevich, Michigan

“Our daughter’s psych-ed assessment showed  she had dyslexia.  After 43 hours of on-task training over 8 months she has improved her reading comprehension 4 grade levels. She is now reading and understanding at the grade 6 level (she is in grade 5) .  The keys to our success were training five days a week in 30 minute sessions and the great tutoring from the teachers at Online Reading Tutor.” ~ Amanda Sharpe, Ontario.

“Ok I have to share this moment I had with my son Devin this evening. We are doing our daily 20 minutes of reading when he comes across the word dangerous. I saw the word coming up and it’s the word he usually has trouble with…… tonight he paused for a second……. And then read the word clearly like he’s always known it. My jaw hit the floor! I would have never thought only being a portion of the way through this program would he already be able to read the word dangerous. I have seen a lot of improvement from him over the last few months and it is very very very exciting!!! He is so excited also. Reading used to be a battle every night but how I see some excitement even though it’s very small excitements its HUGE for us!!!?  I can’t say enough good things about the good people at Online Reading Tutor. They have changed my son’s life.”~ Jerri Rios, Arizona

Our son was a non-reader in grade 3.  His reading disability was so severe that we decided to home school him.  After just five months with Online Reading Tutor, his reading improved dramatically. He is now back in school  in a regular grade 4  class. He is one of the better readers in his grade.” ~ Mary Sobota, Wisconsin.

“Last year, our daughter was a non-reader who could not even recognize all the letters in the alphabet.  She was evaluated by a team of psychologists and her working memory and processing speed were placed in the 2nd and 6th percentile (out of 100).  But now, after 100 hours of on-task training with Online Reading Tutor, she is reading fluently and with at grade comprehension.  She has gone from non-reader in grade 1 to  slightly above grade-level reader in grade 2!  Her reading now reflects her high intelligence. There is no magic pill for overcoming dyslexia but with hard work and perseverance, your child can also become a better reader too.”  ~ Lis and Paul Lam, Washington

“Since my daughter started with Online Reading Tutor three months ago she has gained so much confidence now that she has started reading! Her teacher just reported today that her PM Benchmark has come up two levels. She has gained more in the last three months than she did all last year. Thanks to this program she now has started to smile when she reads.” ~ Claudia Caminiti, Ottawa, Ontario.

When our daughter was in grade 7 we were really worried that she would struggle in grade 9. Her reading comprehension has improved six grade levels. Instead of failing,  she is flourishing in high school.” ~ Karen Hynes, Ontario.

Our daughter was a struggling reader in grade 1. After just four months her reading improved dramatically. We noticed a real improvement in her confidence. Bob’s regular emails and Skype sessions were very helpful.”  ~ Shaleeza Sohail, Sydney, Australia.

Although our daughter is very clever, she was a struggling reader in grade 6.  After 44 hours of training on 70 reading lessons, her reading comprehension improved 4 grade levels. She is now reading fluently with  grade 8 comprehension. We have seen a change in her personality. She is no longer embarrassed by her reading and looks forward to school.”  – Janeen Keating, New Zealand

“My daughter just graduated as a grade 8 honour roll student! Who would have thought this 3 years ago when she struggled so much with reading that she didn’t want to go to school. We owe so much to Bob Almack and his Online Reading Tutor. Don’t give up on your struggling reader.  This could be your saving grace like it was for us.” ~ Melanie Feasby, Ontario

Our daughter struggled with reading throughout school. She would become very anxious and even avoid going to school if she thought she might be asked to read aloud. In high school we were worried she would drop out. Fortunately we found Online Reading Tutor in grade 11. After 32 hours on-task training she went from grade 4 to college level comprehension.  Unbelievably, last year she made the Dean’s Honour Roll after first year college. There is no doubt that Online Reading Tutor helped our daughter become more confident because she is now able to understand what she reads.” – Carrie and Lance Sherk, Oakwood, Ontario.

“Our daughter was a struggling reader in grade 8. We were worried she would be a high school drop-out. Fortunately she got into Bob Almack’s grade 9 reading class.  After nine months and a lot of hard work and perseverance, her reading improved so much that in grade 10 she was on the honour role.  Now ten years later, she is a college graduate and has a great job. Bob was the first teacher to explain dyslexia to us. Overcoming her dyslexia and becoming a fluent reader changed our daughter’s life.”   ~ Oliver and Margaret Meyer, Pontypool, Ontario .

Our son is nine, is very bright and has severe dyslexia. We tried the traditional Orton-Gillingham in person tutoring at $35/hr, twice a week for over a year. $3500 later, a year of running around after school and he was so tired after the extra hour after school, I started researching other options as the progress was so slow it was getting hard to justify. I researched and found Online Reading Tutor. It has been six months now and we have never looked back. It is more cost efficient, he can do it in his own home in the morning before school and he is progressing faster than he did with the in person tutoring. It is based on the knowledge that shorter duration and increased frequency for tutoring sessions are key. We (and his school) have seen an improvement in his reading ability, he is reading books on his own which before would have been way too difficult and, most importantly, he has an increase in his self esteem and confidence to handle challenges. His favourite line from Bob is that he does not have a “learning disability as he is a great learner, he does have a very specific reading disability”. That was very encouraging for him to hear.”  ~ Heather Vido, British Columbia

“I am an adult dyslexic. Although I have a successful career, my reading was slow and difficult. Amazingly, after three months and thirty on-task hours of doing the Online Reading Tutor lessons, I can now read anything I want.  This is incredible. If you are willing to work hard and persevere when the lessons get challenging, it is never too late to become a fluent reader.”~Robert Bell, Ontario.