Online Tutoring For Struggling Readers, Including Children With Dyslexia.

A mother of a grade 7 student with dyslexia describes how her daughter became a fluent reader.

The Problem: Your child is a struggling reader. They may be reading delayed or have a specific reading disability including dyslexia.

The Solution: When your child completes the Online Reading Tutor Orton-Gilllingham based software they will be reading fluently and with grade level comprehension. Our software is evidenced-based and endorsed by CASE ( Council of Administrators of Special Education)

Next Step: Request a free trial through the Online Reading Tutor Assessment App. The App will provide us with a detailed analysis of your child’s decoding skills. Call toll free (USA & Canada) 1 888 710 READ (7323) for a detailed discussion of your child’s decoding skills with an Online Reading Tutor reading specialist.

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A mother from Maryland describes how Online Reading Tutor was the solution for her son overcoming dyslexia.

Parent Testimonials

“We are thrilled we found The Online Reading Tutor. This program has helped our daughter so much.  She has made as much if not more progress in 6 months than with 3 years of private tutoring. She is reading at grade level for the first time. She actually enjoys reading now! ”  ~ Charlotte Phillips, Mississippi

“Since my daughter started with Online Reading Tutor three months ago she has gained so much confidence now that she has started reading! Her teacher just reported today that her PM Benchmark has come up two levels. She has gained more in the last three months than she did all last year. Thanks to this program she now has started to smile when she reads.” ~ Claudia Caminiti, Ottawa, Ontario.

Our son was a non-reader in grade 3.  His reading disability was so severe that we decided to home school him.  After just five months with Online Reading Tutor, his reading improved dramatically. He is now back in school  in a regular grade 4  class. He is one of the better readers in his grade.” ~ Mary Sobota, Wisconsin.

When our daughter was in grade 7 we were really worried that she would struggle in grade 9. Her reading comprehension has improved six grade levels. Instead of failing,  she is flourishing in high school.” ~ Karen Hynes, Ontario.

Get Results!

Get rapid results with your struggling Kindergarten to Grade 12 student including at-risk students. Students with an IEP for their reading disability are our specialty. Our proven evidence-based approach builds reading skills for life.

We are currently tutoring students through out United States, Canada and in Ireland, Netherlands, Bermuda, Bahamas, Korea, Uruguay, Honduras, India, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Australia and New Zealand. Helping Smart kids Who Struggle With Reading® is our passion.

A mother of a grade 6 dyslexic boy describes how Online Reading Tutor helped her son.