Can Online Reading Tutor help students with reading disabilities other than dyslexia?
Yes. As long as the student has average to above average intellect and can do their prescribed lessons a minimum of three days a week. We have helped students with many different reading disabilities including auditory processing disorder and dyslexia.
How long does it take to complete the Online Reading Tutor lessons?
Students see improvement on or before 30 hours of on-task training. Ninety-five percent of our students complete their training within 100 hours of on-task training.
How will I know my child has achieved grade level reading fluency and comprehension?
The reading passages and questions included in our comprehension lessons are correlated to Common Core Standards. There are nine readings at each grade level with a total of forty-five comprehension questions.
My child has ADHD or attention issues. Can they do this program?
Yes. Our training is especially suited to students with attention issues. Unlimited daily logins encourages multiple short training sessions of 15-20 minutes.  Research shows that multiple training sessions that are short and targeted to the individual’s unique skill gaps are more effective than less frequent but longer sessions.
Is this program evidence-based and proven to work?

Yes. The program is endorse by CASE (Counsel of Administrators of Special Education) and is Orton-Gillingham based. Our phonemic, letter sound match, visual match, and auditory-visual match lessons are exactly what Dr Sally Shaywitz recommends in her book Overcoming Dyslexia. Furthermore, our lessons are what Dr Angela Duckworth describes in her book Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance as “deliberate practice” .

Is Online Reading Tutor also effective for teenagers and adults?

Absolutely. We have training streams from grade 1 through adult.  Bob Almack, the founder of Online Reading Tutor, won his school district’s outstanding teacher award for his success in helping teenagers and young adults become fluent readers.