A Grandma of two dyslexics writes from Pennsylvania

From a Grandma in PA,  “Smile for the day… Two VERY loveable and loving children (who just happen to be dyslexic) proudly hung a beautiful sign for their Grandma’s birthday yesterday…and found it to be perfectly oriented and readable!” Fortunately, the Online Reading Tutor decoding lessons corrects this form of visual dyslexia.

An Example Of The Creative Gifts Of Dyslexia

I had the pleasure of speaking with Orlando Cotto who you will see is a talented and creative musician. He contacted me through the Online Reading Tutor Assessment App. While not all dyslexics are creative musicians, they all have special gifts. The good news in 2016 is that dyslexic children and adults can become fluent Read more …

STAR™ Pre and Post Reading Assessment proves Online Reading Tutor’s Efficacy for Grade 5 Dyslexic

  “I just wanted to say thanks for helping my daughter learn to read better. Best money I’ve spent. She took her  STAR™ reading test at school in September 2015 and her reading level was a 3.1. She took another STAR™ reading assessment on January 20th 2016 and she tested at a 5.4 reading level. I attached her test Read more …

A mother of grade 3 dyslexic writes from Michigan

“I just wanted to tell you thank you for all your work this summer. Dade has moved up two levels since the start of the school year and finally enjoying reading. I know it’s credited to the program and the help you provided. Thanks again!”  ~ Kim Monkevich

A mother writes from Alabama

Raushanah Mohammad home schools her son because of his severe dyslexia.  Her son has completed 20 hours of reading lessons with Online Reading Tutor Services Inc.  This is what she wrote to to her Online Reading Tutor in Texas: “Hello Mrs. Stephanie!  Yes ma am everything is going fine with the stories.  Also I just Read more …

A mother of a former non-reading dyslexic grade 3 posts from Wisconsin

Recommendations to the Congressional Science, Space and Technology Committee

The following is taken from the Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity website: In response to the many who have asked, below are the Recommendations made to the Congressional Science, Space and Technology Committee on September 18, 2014. I am optimistic, once this committee is aware of the strong science of dyslexia, educators will want to align Read more …

A mother of a dyslexic writes from Pennsylvania.

“After our daughter had a diagnosis for dyslexia, we were desperate for help. Another parent referred us to Online Reading Tutor. Although she has not completed her training, after three months we have seen a change in her personality. She now believes in herself and realizes she is smart, but learns differently than most kids. Read more …

Online Reading Tutor’s New Dyslexia Screener App

Online Reading Tutor has released a free Dyslexia Screener App. Try our free Dyslexia Screener App today to find out in under 10 minutes if you or your child is at risk of having reading disability. You may  click on one of the following links: Online Reading Tutor App for iPhones and iPads (iTunes) Online Reading Read more …

A Relieved Mother Thanks Online Reading Tutor.

“When our daughter was in grade 7 we were really worried that she would struggle in grade 9. Thanks to Online Reading Tutor she is flourishing in high school.” ~ Karen Hynes, Ontario.